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Emoticons - M-Q

Magic :magic magic
Maid :maid maid
Makeup :makeup makeup
Mall :mall mall
Manicure :manicure manicure
Map :map map
Margarita :marg margarita
Massage :massage massage
Measure :measure measure
Megaphone :mega megaphone
Melting :melt melting
Microwaving :micro microwaving
Milk :milk milk
Milkshake :milkshake milkshake
Mime :mime mime
Mimosa :mimosa mimosa
Mirror :mirror mirror
Mob :mob mob
Moon :moon moon
Monkey :monkey monkey
Mop :mop mop
Moping :mope mope
Morning :morning morning
Motorcycle :cycle motorcycle
Mouse :mouse mouse
Moustache :moustache moustache
Moving :moving moving
Mow :mow mow
Mugshot :mugshot mugshot
Munching :munch munch
Mushroom :mushroom mushroom
Music :music music
Nap :nap nap
Nascar :nascar nascar
Nauseous :naus nauseous
Nectarine :nectar nectarine
Nerd :nerd nerd
The Netherlands :net netherlands
New Zealand :nz new zealand
Nite-Nite :nite nite nite
No Food :nofood no food
No Private Chat :nopc no private chat
No Smilies :nosmilies no smilies
Nun :nun nun
Nurse :nurse nurse
Nyah Nyah :nyah nyah
Old :old old man
Old Lady :oldlady old lady
OMG :omg omg
On Guard :onguard on guard
On Strike :onstrike on strike
Orange :orange orange
Orange Juice :oj orange juice
Orange Soda :osoda orange soda
Ouch :ouch ouch
Outhouse :out outhouse
Over Glasses :overglass over glasses
Over The Knee :otk over the knee
Padded Cell :padded padded cell
Paddle :pad paddle
Paddy Wagon :paddy paddy wagon
Paint :paint paint
Pajamas :pjs pajamas
Palm Tree :palm palm tree
Pancakes :pancakes pancakes
Panic :panic panic
Parachute :para parachute
Parent & Child :pwc parent and child
Party :party party
Partyers :partyers partyers
Pasta :pasta pasta
Pawprint :paw paw
Peace :peace peace
Peach :peach peach
Peanut :peanut peanut
Peanut Butter & Jelly :pbj peanut butter & jelly
Pear :pear pear
Peck :peck peck
Peeking :peek peeking
Penguin :penguin penguin
Pepsi :pepsi pepsi
Perfect 10 :perfect10 perfect 10
Phone :phone phone
Photographer :photo photographer
Piano :piano piano
Picnic :picnic picnic
Pie In Face :pieface pieface
Pig :pig pig
Pigtails :pigtails pigtails
Pillow Fight :pfight pillow fight
Pills :pills pills
Pin Dropping :pin pin dropping
Pina Colada :pina pina colada
Pinch :pinch pinch
Pineapple :pineapple pineapple
Pipe :pipe pipe
Pirate :pirate pirate
Pizza :pizza pizza
Pizza Slice :piz pizza slice
P.O.'d :pod pod
Pointing Laughing :pointlol point laugh
Pointing Left :pointl point left
Pointing Right :pointr point right
Poker :poker poker
Pole :pole pole
Pool :pool pool
Pooped :pooped pooped
Popping Out Of Cake :popout pop out
Poppy :poppy popsicle
Popsicle :pops popsicle
Portugal :port portugal
Post :post post
Potty :potty potty
Praying :pray pray
Present :present present
Pretzel :pretzel pretzel
Prince Frog :frog frog
Propose :propose propose
Protesters :protest protesters
Protesters (Confused) :protest2 confused protesters
Puke :puke puke
Pumping Iron :pump pumping iron
Pyramid :pyramid pyramid
Queen :queen queen