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Emoticons - I-L

I Have Mail :havemail have mail
I Rule :irule i rule
Ice Cream Cone :icc ice cream
Ice Fishing :ifishing ice fishing
Ice Skate :iskate ice skate
Iced Tea :icedtea iced tea
Icy Heart :icyheart icy heart
Idea :idea idea
Ignore :ignore ignore
In Bed :inbed in bed
In Hot Water :hotwater in hot water
In Line :inline inline
In Love :luv in love
Indian :indian indian
Invisible :invis invisible
Invite :invite invite
Innocent :innocent innocent
Ireland :ireland ireland
Iron :iron iron
Island :island island
Jail :jail jail
Jester :jester jester
Joy :joy joy
Jukebox :jukebox jukebox
Jump Rope :jumprope jump rope
Kangaroo :kanga kangaroo
Kayak :kayak kayak
Keg :keg keg
Kick In Shins :shins kick in shins
Kicking & Screaming :kicking kicking
King :king king
Kiss :() kiss
Kissing Mirror :kissmirror kissing mirror
Knight :knight knight
Knit :knit knit
Knocked On Butt :onbutt on butt
Knocking On Door :knock knocking on door
Ladder :ladder ladder
Ladies Night :ladies ladies night
Ladybug :ladybug ladybug
Lampshade :lampshade lampshade
Laptop :laptop laptop
Lasagna :lasagna lasagna
Laugh lol laughing
Laughing :lol2 laughing
Laundry :laundry laundry
Leaf Jump :leafjump leaf jump
Leer :leer leer
Left Arrow :left left arrow
Left Out :leftout left out
Lemon Meringue Pie :lemon lemon meringue pie
Liar :liar liar
Lick :lick lick
Licking :licking licking
Life Preserver :life life preserver
Lightbulb :bulb light bulb
Lightning Bolt :bolt lightning bolt
Lilac :lilac lilac
Limbo :limbo limbo
Lips :lips lips
Listening To Music :listen listening
Lizard :lizard lizard
LMAO :lmao lmao
Looking :looking looking
Loser :loser loser
Lost :lost lost
Lounge :lounge chaise lounge
Love Computer :luvcomp love computer
Love Letter :lletter love letter
Loves Me Loves Me Not :luvsme loves me loves me not
Lunar :lunar lunar
Lurking :lurk lurking