the virtual playground for singles

Emoticons - A-C

Accordion :accordion accordion
Afro :afro afro
After Glow :after afterglow
Air Freshener :airfresh air freshener
Airplane :plane airplane
Alien :alien alien
Alien Abduction :abduct alien abduction
All Alone :allalone all alone
AM At The VP :am am at the VP
Angel :a angel
Angel In Flight :angel angel in flight
Angry :{ angry
Annoyed :anyd annoyed
Applause :applause applause
Apple :apple apple
Apricot :apricot apricot
Argue :argue argue
Arm :arm arm
Arm Wrestle :armwrestle armwrestle
Artist :artist artist
Asleep :asleep asleep
Asleep At Keyboard :aak asleep at keyboard
ATV :atv atv
At The Bar :atthebar at the bar
Audience :audience audience
Australia :au australia
Aww :aww aww
Baby :baby baby
Back :back back
Bad Day :badday bad day
Bagpipe :bagpipe bagpipe
Baking :baking baking
Ballet :ballet ballet
Balloons For You :loons balloons
Bandaid :bandaid bandaid
Bandana :band bandana
Banjo :banjo banjo
Bar :bar bar
Barbecue :bbq barbecue
Barbed Wire :barbed barbed wire
Bartender :bartender bartender
Basketball :bball basketball
Battle :battle battle
Be Right Back :brb brb
Beachball :ball beachball
Bear :bear bear
Beating Dead Horse :deadhorse beating dead horse
Beaver :beaver beaver
Bed :bed bed
Bedtime Story :bedtime bedtime story
Bee :bee bee
Beer :beer beer
Beer On Couch :beercouch beer on couch
Beg :beg beg
Belgian Waffle :bwaffle belgian waffle
Belle :belle belle
Berries :berries berries
Beverage Delivery :bevdel beverage delivery
Bike :bike bike
Biker Chick :bikerchick biker chick
Birthday Cake :bd birthday cake
Birthday Party :bdparty birthday party
Black Sheep :bsheep bsheep
Blah :blah blah
Blonde Moment :blonde blonde
Blow Kiss :blowkiss blowkiss
Blush :b blush
Boa :boa boa
Boat :boat boat
Bomb :bomb bomb
Boo :boo applause
Boogie :boogie boogie
Book :book book
Boot :boot boot
Bored :brd bored
Border Collie :bordercollie border collie
Bound :bound bound
Bow :bow bow
Bowling :bowling bowling
Bowtie :bowtie bowtie
Brain In Jar :brain brain in jar
Breakfast :breakfast breakfast
Breakfast In Bed :binb breakfast in bed
Brick :brick brick
Bridge :bridge bridge
Broken Hearted :brk broken heart
Broom :broom broom
Brrr :brrr brrr
Bruised Tongue :bt bruised tongue
Brush :brush brush
BS Meter :bsmeter bs meter
Bubbles :bub bubbles
Buck :buck buck
Buddies :buds buddies
Bull :bull bull
Bungee :bungee bungee
Burger :burg burger
Bus :bus bus
Busy :busy busy
Butterfly :butterfly butterfly
Butterfly Net :bnet butterfly net
Bye :bye bye
Cake :cake cake
Camping :camping camping
Canada :can canada
Candy Bar :candy candy
Cap :cap cap
Car :car car
Carousel :caro carousel
Cartwheel :cartwheel cartwheel
Caveman :cave caveman
Cat :cat cat
Cat Lady :catlady cat lady
Cell Phone :cell cell
Cereal :cereal cereal
Chained :chained chained
Chalkboard :chalk chalkboard
Champagne :champagne champagne
Chandelier :chand chandelier
Chase :chase chase
Checking Mail :checkmail check mail
Cheerleader :rah rah
Cheesecake :ccake cheesecake
Cheesecake :cheesecake cheesecake
Chef :chef chef
Cherries :cherries cherries
Chest Bump :chestbump chest bump
Chicken :chick chicken
Chili :chili chili
Chinese :chinese chinese
Chocolate Cake :choccake chocolate cake
Chomp :chomp chomp
Chug :chug chug
Cigar :cigar cigar
Cigarettes :cigs cigarettes
Cleaning Crew :cleancrew cleaning crew
Clock :clock clock
Closet :closet closet
Clown :bozo clown
Clueless :clue clueless
Cocktail :ct cocktail
Coffee :cup coffee
Coffee And Cake :candc coffee cake
Coffee And Cigarette :cofcig coffee and cigarette
Coffee Bar :cofbar coffee bar
Coffee Fairy :cfairy coffee fairy
Cold :cold cold
Coming :coming coming
Complaining :complain complain
Computer :puter computer
Confused :conf confused
Conga :conga conga
Control Center :control control center
Cool :c cool
Cookie :ckie cookie
Cooking :cooking cooking
Cop :cop cop
Corner :corner corner
Couch :couch couch
Couch2 :couch2 couch2
Couch Potato :cp couch potato
Cough :cough cough
Counting Sheep :sheep counting sheep
Covering Ears :ears cover ears
Covering Eyes :cvr cover eyes
Covering Mouth :mouth cover mouth
Cowboy :cowboy cowboy
Cowboy Boot :cbboot cowboy boot
Crash :crash crash
Crawling to Coffee :crawl crawling to coffee
Crayons :crayons crayons
Croissant :croissant croissant
Crowd :crowd crowd
Crying :cry crying
Crystal Ball :crystal crystal ball
Cuddle :cuddle cuddle
Cupcake :cupcake cupcake
Cupid :cupid cupid
Curtsey :curtsey curtsey
Cushion :cushion cushion
Cushion For Two :cushion2 cushion for two
Cyber Love :cyberlove cyber love