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over the crowd Making Contact

Whether you're sending a note to a member of our community or responding to an online personal ad, how you start an e-mail relationship can determine whether it will ever become more than an e-mail relationship. Here are some things to think about when making first contact.

flowers for you It's A Date

Ok, you've found someone online that you really like and they like you too. You'd like to meet face-to-face...now what?

table for 2 Improve The Odds

For every success story, there are at least a few online relationships that didn't make the transition to offline. These tips may help you stack the deck in your favor and improve the odds.

first Be A Chat Champ

Chat rooms can be a bit intimidating for the new visitor. Just like walking into a party where you don't know a soul, you can end up being a wallflower and missing out on all the fun so take a few moments to learn the basics of chatting and get ready to join the party.

writing Create An Effective Profile

When creating an online personal profile, here are some basic guidelines to help you put your best foot forward.

group Single Volunteers

If you're new to your area, newly single, a bit on the shy side or just looking to add a new circle of friends to your life volunteering can be a great way to meet other singles while helping others.