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When creating an online personal profile, here are some basic guidelines to help you put your best foot forward:

Be Honest
Of course you want to highlight your best qualities when introducing yourself but there is no easier way to sabotage a future online relationship than lying. This also includes exaggerating, implying something false and being non-specific enough to avoid the truth. You don't have to provide unflattering information in your profile but you shouldn't address a subject if you don't want to be honest about it. The "real" people, the ones you want to meet, don't expect perfection. In fact, if someone seems too good to be true, they probably are. So be honest, be yourself and start off on the right foot. What might begin as an online flirtation could turn into the real thing unless you've built yourself an image you can't live up to.

Be Positive
Someone who is scanning through profiles is looking to add fun and positive energy to their life. Chances are they won't be attracted to a hard luck story of how difficult life has been. Your best chance to attract a positive, upbeat person is to present yourself in a positive, upbeat style. One way to do this is to mention your interests, hobbies and what your friends say about you. Give the reader a glimpse at how you have fun and you'll be showing just how much fun you can be.

Add A Touch Of Humor
Almost every survey on which qualities people find attractive lists "sense of humor" at or near the top. Don't be afraid to let yours shine through in your profile. Just be careful to avoid sarcasm - it doesn't translate well into the written word and can make you sound mean spirited instead of amusing.

Include A Recent Photograph
Including your photo makes your profile more personal and increases the chance that you'll get noticed. A profile without a photo can lead people to think you have something to hide so why take that chance? You're creating a profile to help you get out there and meet new people - do it with a smile!

Leave The Past Behind
Save the life stories for the first date and don't include your entire history in your profile. Meeting new people is all about the future and you'll do better to look forward rather than back. A profile is meant to be a starting point for conversation and a way to spark interest. As fascinating as our pasts are to ourselves, others rarely find them as interesting as who we are and what we're doing today.

Check Your Spelling
Before hitting that "submit" button, proof read your profile carefully for any spelling and grammatical errors. These types of mistakes can lessen an otherwise great first impression so take the extra time to make sure you get it right.

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