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There are few features on the Internet as intriguing and intimidating as chat rooms.

Chat rooms offer users an opportunity to meet and mingle with many people. Whether you're interested in discussing your favorite hobby, need advice on raising your kids or looking to meet your soul mate there's a chat room out there for you.

Chat rooms can also be a bit intimidating for the new visitor. Just like walking into a party where you don't know a soul, you can end up being a wallflower and missing out on all the fun.

So take a few moments to learn the basics of chatting and get ready to join the party:

Pick The Right Chat Name
In order to start chatting in any room, you'll need to select the name by which you'll be known. Some chatters use their real first name, others get a little creative and pick a "chat identity" that gives some insight into their personality. Remember when choosing yours, this is the name your new friends will know you by so make sure it's something you'll be comfortable with for a long time. You might be tempted to choose something that fits your current situation such as "newchatter" or "justme" but resist that urge and give yourself an identity you can live with.

Create A Profile
Many chat rooms allow users to create their own profile that will be visible to other chatters. Depending on the room, profiles may include anything from basic statistics (age, gender, location) to photographs and an area where you can enter general information. Creating a profile is almost always optional and it's up to you how much information you want to share, but you should always include something so that other chatters can get to know a bit about you and have a starting point for conversation.

Make Your Presence Known
A simple "Hello everyone!" when you enter a chat room is all you need to do to start the conversational ball rolling. Many people come in and out of chat rooms without saying a word so you won't always be greeted unless you "speak" first. Also, feel free to let those in the room know this is your first visit. Every chatter was once new and the vast majority will be eager to make you feel comfortable.

Show An Interest
As in offline conversation, the best way to get things rolling is to show an interest in the people you're talking to. You can ask questions, comment on information in another chatter's profile, jump into an ongoing discussion or suggest a topic for discussion yourself. If you actively participate in the chat, you'll get more out of the experience.

Use Emoticons
Typed conversations can be more difficult than spoken conversations because it's difficult to convey certain emotions without using a tone of voice or facial expression. To make up for this problem, the online community uses emoticons - symbols or graphics that can show a variety of emotions. For example, the symbol :) placed at the end of a statement shows the chatter is smiling. Many chats contain graphic emoticons (also known as "smileys") which are an even easier and more eye pleasing way to indicate emotions. Click here to see the graphic emoticons we use here at VPSingles. To communicate more effectively (and inject extra fun), add emoticons to your conversations when appropriate.

Respect Your Fellow Chatters
Always remember that your fellow chatters are real people just like you. The anonymity of a chat room can tempt you to treat people in ways you never would in face to face conversation but feelings can be hurt, offense can be taken and tempers can flare online just as they sometimes do offline.

Be A Regular Visitor
Once you've found a room that suits your interest, keep coming back. It may take a few visits to start making friends but it's worth the effort. Like the crowd at a favorite tavern or the group around the office water cooler, becoming one of a chat room's regular visitors (commonly referred to as "regs") is a great way to add more fun to your life.

Are you ready to be a Chat Champion? You can mix and mingle with a great group of regs in our Singles Chat right now - come join the party!

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